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15 years ago, I, Mariana Malyovana, started working in a field that makes people's lives safer! I love my profession and feel the importance it holds for society. Since 2019, I have been working as a personal insurance broker. My team helps companies and private clients choose optimal insurance services, feel at ease, and be protected by the leaders of the Ukrainian market.

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An insurance broker is a representative of your interests when using the services of insurance companies. It's worth partnering with a broker if:

  • You know the value your property and health
  • Strive to reduce financial losses from unexpected events that cannot be avoided completely
  • Use the car and look for opportunities to reduce the risks of loss and damage of it
  • It is important for you and your family to feel protected in matters of treatment and your own health - in Ukraine and abroad, 24/7 basis
  • You are a socially responsible leader and want to provide your team with a corporate health insurance program (HIP)
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    How do we work?

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