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We insure

We insure

Medical Insurance

Health insurance is our specialization, we analyze the needs of clients, select the best program, improve it with the options needed by a particular team. We may also provide coverage for family members. Before signing a contract, you will learn about all the exclusions and limitations in insurance events.

It is important for us that you understand all the benefits of your insurance policy. We have our own support department, in which working of specialists with medical education. You have a personal manager which 24/7 to help with any situation.

We consider critical illness insurance a must have for every Ukrainian. Did you know that more than 135 thousand Ukrainians annually find out that they have cancer. In this case, 30% die in the first year. How to prevent it? Realize that everyone has a risk of falling into those "16" people who learn about their terrible diagnosis every hour. The current level of stress, ecology, genetic predisposition can lead to such serious diseases as oncology, cardiovascular diseases and a number of others.

Of cource, the insurance policy will not save you from the disease, but it is a guaranteed organization of treatment services, personal coordination and support during treatment, support and payment for medicines. On the example of our clients, we see that insurance literally saves lives.

Insurance of movable and immovable property

For office, apartment and house, commercial premises or warehouse – compensation in case of fire, flooding, explosion, natural phenomena, as well as illegal criminal invasion. The insured event is settled online. Your time is saved for more important things.

Insurance of transport, not only your favorite car, but also agricultural vehicles against damage . Of course, we insure your response as a driver, we have not only a standard Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL), but also an extended one with additional compensation for damage caused to your car.

Travel insurance and Green card

Travel insurance will protect the health and life of travelers, those who go on vacation or on business. To travel by car outside Ukraine, you will need a Green Card — insurance for traveling abroad. In the event of an accident, damage to the injured party will be compensated. This is an analogue of our MTPL: you will avoid fines and significant financial costs in the event of an accident in a foreign country.

Just a few clicks online and you'll have more confidence and be protected from unforeseen situations. Policyholders will receive free information support in Ukrainian and organization of technical assistance 24/7. Our advantages: more than 15 years of experience in the field of insurance and 3 years as a personal insurance broker "Malovana". 92% of clients prolong the contract after the first year.