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Change in the rules for the sale of antibiotics from 01.08


Roman Kolesnyk, Head of the Department of Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control at the Public Health Center, notes that "...from 30 to 60% of antibiotics in Ukraine are being used incorrectly." This contributes to antimicrobial resistance.
Starting from August 1, 2022, there will be changes in:
* the procedure for prescribing antibiotics;
* the method of administration and reasons for use;
* the ability to purchase medications at pharmacies.
???? Patients will receive an electronic prescription for purchasing antibiotics with their own funds as of August 2022.
The format of electronic prescriptions will allow monitoring the use of medicinal products.
???? Doctors will not prescribe specific brand names of drugs in prescriptions. Therefore, you will be able to select medications according to your budget.
???? With medical insurance from SB "Malovana", you will have access to the best doctors and courier delivery of medications. ????

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