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Results of the first half of the year


As of August 31, 127 non-life insurers and 62 insurance brokers were operating in the non-banking market.
Of course, due to the situation in the country, the gross insurance premiums of insurance companies decreased from 23.5 billion UAH to 17.7 billion UAH, which is 24.6% less than in the same period of 2021. ⠀ For us personally, the first half of the year was about increasing the number of clients: +20 new clients.
???? We strengthened the sales team, reviewed contract issuance rewards, and made it possible to combine different contract terms within one group — and this yielded good results.
????????‍⚕️ The circumstances in the country seem to encourage company owners to arrange medical insurance, as access to quality healthcare is crucial now more than ever, especially when faced with difficulties. For instance, for Ukrainians abroad.
???? Back in April, we developed an exclusive product for such situations, which provides not only medical consultations but also necessary medications.
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