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The company VUSO was founded in September 2001 and immediately established itself as a team with strong management and a creative vision of the insurance market.
Today, VUSO is:
* over 20 years in the market;
* 31 branches across the country;
* over 400 insurance professionals on staff;
* unique insurance products;
* customer loyalty and a high level of service;
* transparent mechanisms for calculations and payouts.
???? Customer orientation is one of the company's main values.
The company's response to today's challenges is crucial for us. VUSO was one of the first to launch comprehensive health insurance products (DMS) and was the first to introduce comprehensive car insurance (CASCO) covering military risks to the market.
???? More than 80% of clients receive payouts within 7 days from the moment of the insured event.
????????‍????????????‍???? The company has a young team of managers who are unafraid of challenges and create bold and unique products.
It's important to mention the financial stability: the company's assets exceed insurance reserves by 4 times!
Company services include CASCO, motor third-party liability insurance, travel insurance, property insurance, green card insurance, COVID insurance, non-departure insurance, medical insurance, and accident insurance.
VUSO: "Providing a high level of insurance service that exceeds customer expectations."

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